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Aakhir Boyd

About Me

An all-around business professional with a passion for improving processes and developing key operational efficiencies. A persuasive advocate of fiscal accountability culture, balancing stakeholder needs with responsible risk management. Build and lead empowered teams with a focus on enabling business through collaboration, doing more with less, and delivering accurate forecasts. A trusted advisor who uses clear-eyed analysis to help partners meet financial targets and solve problems in alignment with organizational objectives. Prioritize the happiness of customers, key stakeholders, and vital talent while restoring financial and business health.

Ideal Workplace Values

An ideal workplace is one that caters to making a leader of each team member regardless of position title, duties, or learning style. Having management that makes me feel seen and heard helps me to deliver workplace value at a consistent pace. Recognizing my strengths and providing resources for growth are just two of several ways to cater to my love for learning and positioning me for comfort as I look to build a relationship of longevity within my next role.


Columbia, Maryland, US

Open To

Full Time InternshipFull Time Job

Work Settings


Career Interests

Administrative WorkBusiness and FinancialComputer Science and IT

Skills & Strengths

Neuroexceptional Talents

Through intrinsic thinking I have the ability to assess, and prioritize workflows and day to day operations. Process improvement is a skill in which I have been recognized for within my previous work experience.

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Inclusion Essentials


Screen Reader TechnologyStanding DesksQuiet / Individual Workspaces

Sensory Sensitivities

Driving a vehicle

Certifications & Training

Google IT Support Professional

Issued 2022 | Expires 2024

Jira Certified

Issued 2022 | No Expiration Date

Certified Scrum Master

Scrum Alliance
Issued 2022 | Expires 2024

Certified Scrum Product Owner

Scrum Alliance
Issued 2022 | Expires 2024


Issued 2021 | Expires 2024