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Abeda Alam


About Me

I love problem-solving, coding, math, volunteering, world building, and creating experiences! As a first generation college student, I'm quite the dreamer and high achiever. I've worked on physical building projects such as a linear actuated lifting wheelchair in college, won 1st place in a hackathon to improve the Stadium Experience, volunteered at Pride festivals, and led a programming team for a 1200+ person STEM conference. I've had various experiences in which allowed me to flex and build my technical skills. I've learned how to work on building microservices, full-stack applications, REST API's, and even cloud projects. Currently, I'm looking for a software development position on a team where I can bring my best self to achieve my dreams of being a seasoned engineer.

Ideal Workplace Values

My ideal workplace would treat me like a human being as opposed to a number. My ideal company would foster and encourage growth, learning, and leading within the company.


New York, New York, US

Open to Relocation

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Full Time Job

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Career Interests

Data-Related WorkInformation Technology & CybersecurityLeadership & Management

Skills & Strengths

Neuroexceptional Talents

My neurodiversity allows me to bring my most authentic self by being highly empathetic, communicative and collaborative. This lets me create and facilitate conversations to understand customers needs and concerns. I am also able to analyze existing systems to then propose and implement out of the box, efficient, seamless end to end solutions.

Creative ThinkerDetail-oriented ThinkerStrong Emotional IntelligenceMethodical Task Executor

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Inclusion Essentials


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Certifications & Training

Six Sigma Green Belt

Issued 2017 | No Expiration Date