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Aiden Hirshfield


About Me

I'm a research leader and people manager in the tech, product, and UX industry. I hold two Master’s degrees and a Ph.D. in Media Psychology with research focusing on marginalized identities in media, including social networking, video games, entertainment, and virtual reality. I'm currently pursuing an MBA to advance my knowledge and expertise in business management. I have been a freelance consultant for more than a decade, bringing a wealth of expertise in media, marketing, and user experience across a diverse range of industries. I take a “humane-centered” and mixed-method approach to my research and focus on telling stories creatively and dynamically. I'm passionate about helping people foster deeper and more significant relationships with media and have developed a keen sense for drawing out complex narratives and designing projects that are driven by the psychology of users and stakeholders. I bring a unique background in the field of Media Psychology, as an industry professional, a thought leader, as well as an accomplished scholar. My focus on DE&I comes from a personal dedication to serving marginalized communities which motivates the innovative research that I conduct in this field. I have also been formally trained as a Holocaust and human rights educator which allows me to better engage clients in meaningful conversations and drive inclusive strategies. As a natural team player, I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with others to meet shared goals, brainstorming, and having a hand in the evolution of a great idea. Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to connecting with you!


Happy Valley, Oregon, US

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