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Ben Sultan


About Me

A fun fact that I am proud of is that I am a two-time game show winner. I love trivia.

Ideal Workplace Values

I am not particular about the political/social values of my workplace as long as the workplace makes everyone feel respected and welcome. I like companies that respect their employees by rewarding with time off, annual salary increases, and useful feedback.


Culver City, California, US

Open To

Full Time Job

Work Settings


Career Interests

Information Technology & CybersecurityLeadership & Management

Skills & Strengths

Neuroexceptional Talents

I think I have two advantages: 1) I tend to like to work in chunks, with many short breaks in between. This allows me to step back and think about aspects of the task that may not be apparent while in the "zone". 2) Since my neurological challenges are attention-related, I understand how fragile attention can be. I have developed a bit of a superpower in my ability to convey ideas and conduct meetings in interesting, exciting ways, as to hold everyone's attention.

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Inclusion Essentials


Screen MagnificationFlexible schedulePeriodic Rest Breaks

Sensory Sensitivities

Bright, blinking, or fluorescent lights
Loud noises
Standing for long periods
Uniforms (hard hat, hair net, etc.)