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Bryan Booth


About Me

#NoProblemTooHard #HardandSoftSciences #HelpingOthers #PayMeFromIncreasedProfits #ProblemSolverExtraordinaire

I am all about the job- getting it done professionally, correctly, and to deadline. That is why I am there.

Ideal Workplace Values

I like transdisciplinary teaming where all experts together work together on best suited tasks to meet common goals.


Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, US

Open To

Full Time Job

Work Settings


Career Interests

Outdoor or Physical WorkEducation & InstructionWriting & Language ServicesScience & Mathematics

Skills & Strengths

Neuroexceptional Talents

I find the answer. I understand things holistically so have the ability to visualize, assess, and initiate strategies to solve problems or create new ones. Autistic with speech abilities coming late in childhood made me learn to understand things without words- and that skill is still with me. I happily work for salary with bonuses or on contingent basis where my work funds itself. I love problems - if i do not know your field I will quickly learn it and deliver the solutions you need. I excel at creative brainstorming, linking technologies and ideas, and presenting my ideas to an audience. I do full implementation strategies, change management, everything.... BUT I don't really care about money, do not socialize well, and I have difficulty with small details of editing. I need to be appreciated.

Athletic PerformerGeo-spatial ThinkerMathematical CalculationStrong Task Persistence

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Inclusion Essentials


Functional CommunicationsMediator for NonFunctional CommunicationsSupport with Self-Advocacy