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Bryan Daniel Johnson


About Me

I know firsthand what it is like to deal with trying to find a place in the workforce when one has a disability, I know that only about a 3rd of the current disabled population in America have been able to find employment. It's my goal to improve things for those who live with disabilities. It's my dream to work with an employer who is dedicated to that goal. In addition as the son of a veteran and someone who has many friends who are veterans, I have seen veterans, especially disabled ones struggle. I have worked as a volunteer crisis support specialist with veterans, and I have heard the challenges and barriers they face. By improving things for those with disabilities I hope to improve things for disabled veterans as well.

Ideal Workplace Values

I want a certain amount of freedom to pursue projects either with myself or with a team. I don't want a supervisor looking over my shoulder every two seconds to evaluate or criticize my work, but I do want some guidance when requested, as there are just some things I can't do alone. I want to be able to share my findings and work with others and have that work be valued.


Gig Harbor, Washington, US

Open To

Full Time InternshipFull Time JobFreelance/Contract WorkPart Time Job

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Career Interests

Art & CreativeLaw, Policy, & AdvocacyResearchWriting & Language Services

Skills & Strengths

Neuroexceptional Talents

It first started when I became involved with Stack-Up a group of gamers that wanted to help veterans who have been diagnosed with post combat disorders such as PTSD and TBI'S, Through them I started working as a volunteer member of their online crisis center. It was a combination of working with them and my own life experiences that I came to a realization, the official system for handling their concerns is broken. I believe this to be the case for most official federal run systems be it military or civilian when it comes to mental disabilities and disorders. I decided to make it my current mission in life to fix those systems or at least help create new systems that address their needs. That is why I have decided to get into the field of social work and social policy. I want to deal not only with my own struggles but to help other neurodiverse individuals with theirs.

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