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Bryson Hill II

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Los Angeles, California, US

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Full Time InternshipFreelance/Contract WorkFull Time JobCo-op

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Business and FinancialSales and MarketingComputer Science and ITLeadership & Management

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Neuroexceptional Talents

When I am truly interested in something, I am able to hyper-focus and continuously improve upon it. Having ADHD is both a gift and a curse; the gift is the abilities and willpower I have honed to overcome my natural tendency to get distracted, the curse of course is the tendency to get distracted. The abilities I have learned helped me strive for efficiency and succinctness. Because I get distracted fast, I have to find the most time-effective way to accomplish my goals / assignments. Of course, I have had to learn how to incorporate being incredibly detailed as well, so that I do not have to waste time going back and fixing things that were broken. I have learned to make everything a process, such that I can move this over to other facets of my life. Otherwise, I'd never be able to finish or learn anything. I also would blame my creativity and open-mindedness on having ADHD. I am able to see things from a wider scope and ultimately visualize the peak of a project. I am proud of this, as it has truly sculpted my entire persona to be so dynamic. I believe becoming a Product Manager would fit me well, as I would be able to visualize the best possible product and learn how to work within a finite time and with finite features.

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Send Questions in AdvanceInterviewer Experienced with NeurodiversityExtra timetask managementConcise instructionsReceiving Information in AdvanceRecorded Tasks & MessagesChunking Large Amounts of ContentFlexible scheduleshorter meetingsUninterrupted Work TimeQuiet / Individual WorkspacesJob Coaching