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Chloe Shetreet


About Me

#ActuallyAutistic#ActuallyADHD#Maker#Innovation#ProblemSolver#TeamSpirit#PolyglotProgrammer#StartupExperience#DevOps#SoftwareEngineer#LinuxUserFull-DAG EngineerBack EndFront EndFull StackIntegration

I am an experienced software engineer talented in integrating multiple full stacks; however, I think a Directed Acyclic Graph is a more suitable data structure to describe my engineering skills than a Stack is. Therefore, I am a Full-DAG Engineer. I am passionate about robotics, innovation, programming language design, distributed web, and open source software. I consider myself to be an E-shaped professional. In contrast from an I-shaped professional who has deep expertise in one specialization, and from a T-shaped professional who has deep skill in one area and thin array of skills abroad, the E-shaped professional has multiple areas of deep expertise connected by a well-rounded span of related skills.

Ideal Workplace Values

I enjoy working in small onsite/hybrid/remote teams that encourage a balance of autonomy and collaboration. A culture inclusive of neurodiversity and gender diversity is important to me. Ideally, I would love to know that my work plays a part in helping the organization create a meaningful impact with its mission.


Los Angeles, California, US

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Skills & Strengths

Neuroexceptional Talents

My neurodivergence gives me strengths in balancing both left-brain and right-brain skills. This makes it natural for me to be conversational, resilient, creative, collaborative and enthusiastic; while equally balancing my natural inclination for recognizing logical patterns from details, procedural thinking, symbolic thinking, abstracting generalizations from concretions, and applying concretions from abstractions. I work well with a balance of autonomous focus work to get into the zone alongside plenty of opportunity for informal group collaborations.I have the ability to apply pattern-based reasoning skills to creative works and reciprocally the ability to apply creative thinking to logic-oriented work. This has the effect of giving me strengths in combined inventiveness more than merely creativity or logic separately. This also gives me an ability to be highly skilled in various niches across seemingly unrelated topics. It is what makes me as good at quickly learning an MVC-framework in any programming language simply because I already know an MVC-framework in another. It is also what makes me good at communicating in multiple human-spoken languages simply because I am good at writing in multiple programming languages. Moreover, it is what makes me as creative in experimental problem solving, as I am when performing improvisational music. Recalling details related to skills of my existing experience provide an intuitive entry point upon which I can build new skills quickly.My neurodivergence, when in an environment that I can excel in, gives me strengths in rapid-yet-methodical prototyping, innovative problem solving, and bugfixing systems with multiple levels of complexity. I have an unusually high ability to drill down multiple levels of detail into a concept and zoom out fully before drilling into a tangentially related concept which I balance alongside improvisational thinking. When my neurodivergence can properly accommodated, I'm a great teammate to have scheduled to work on demo and-or launch day. When it comes to technical communication, I am skilled in using imagery and analogy help communicate specialized concepts. With sufficient preparation, this makes me great at reporting technical challenges to the team and to non-technical clients.

Creative ThinkerDeep EmpathizerDetail-oriented ThinkerFact Retainer

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Sensory Sensitivities

Bright, blinking, or fluorescent lights
Loud noises