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Christina Spradlin


About Me


My decision to learn to code was an easy one. Embarking on a new career path was a bit harder. A former computer science educator looking to jump into the big leagues, I pride myself on my attention to detail, curiosity, persistence, and ability to produce high-quality, error-free code. I’m always looking for new challenges and live my life thinking outside the box. Thanks to my computer science graduate degree, I can easily pick up new programming languages. After spending hundreds of hours testing and debugging student programs and writing sample code to demonstrate in multiple programming languages, I am excited to continue developing my programming skills in a collaborative environment.

Ideal Workplace Values

Ideally, I am looking for a hybrid position in a tech or tech-related field that will value my unique perspective, thirst for knowledge, and my eclectic life experiences. I have a wide variety of skills, and would excel in a position that requires both creativity and flexibility as well as providing for a fair amount of autonomy once I have become fully integrated into the workplace team. As I transition from an educational environment, I would value mentoring and the ability to participate in social and volunteer events to better know my new colleagues.


Port Orange, Florida, US

Open To

Full Time Job

Work Settings


Career Interests

Computer Science and IT

Skills & Strengths

Neuroexceptional Talents

I have a strong eye for detail and unique perspective that allows me to see details and patterns others miss. Learning new ideas and information is one of my favorite things and I am quick to pick up just about anything presented to me. When I need help with something, I am not afraid to ask for it. If others are struggling with a task, I am happy to step up and offer assistance. I bring a positive attitude to any task and face any challenge with a determination and pride that lets me consistently exceed expectations.

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Inclusion Essentials


Interviewer Experienced with NeurodiversityEmail / Calendar Organizationextra time off for appointmentsQuiet / Individual WorkspacesSupport with Self-Advocacy

Sensory Sensitivities

Working with food
Bright, blinking, or fluorescent lights
Outdoors or places with strong smells
Standing for long periods