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Christopher Johns II


About Me

I'm a passionate, adaptable, and hardworking engineering specialist seeking to use variety of skills in leadership, programming, and soft skills to meet business-related goals.


Katy, Texas, US

Open to Relocation

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Full Time Job

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Career Interests

Data-Related WorkInformation Technology & CybersecurityPsychology, Counseling & Mental Health

Skills & Strengths

Neuroexceptional Talents

I'm not afraid to take initiative and am quite adaptable to any task at hand. If I'm not quite familiar with the work I need to accomplish, I'm not afraid to ask questions. I love to learn the process that went into the work, so that I can have a better understanding of it and will work to be able to tackle it in the future on my own if something similar arises. I love to get to know and connect with other people, whether it be my co-workers or people outside of my work. I work really hard to understand why people feel the way they feel, empathize with them, and always try to help. I like being able to do this because I can also learn to better understand myself and how to go about my emotions, as well as being aware of their existence.

Deep EmpathizerStrong Emotional IntelligenceMathematical CalculationSocially Savvy

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Inclusion Essentials


Extra Time to Process New Informationextra time off for appointmentsErgonomic SeatingQuiet / Individual Workspaces