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Daniel Bennett


About Me

I have a broad range of interests from programming to art and media. Since my diagnosis and medication I have been able to add finishing a learning program outside of highschool to be a Web Developer. I have managed a high volume popular deli in the Columbus area for over 15 years.

Ideal Workplace Values

Thoughtful, moral, supportive, creative, innovating and caring.


Columbus, Ohio, US

Open To

Freelance/Contract WorkFull Time JobPart Time Job

Work Settings


Career Interests

Art & DesignEntertainment or Performance ArtsComputer Science and ITEducation and Instruction

Skills & Strengths

Neuroexceptional Talents

I can focus on things I'm passionate about for extended periods of time. I have a great deal of compassion, especially for people that operate differently than you are "supposed to". Persistence. If I'm stuck on a problem I will relentlessly attack it. I recognize people think in different ways.

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Inclusion Essentials


Transcripts or ability to log thingsEmail / Calendar Organizationtask managementDaily RemindersReceiving Information in Advance