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Daniel Valdez

About Me

👋Hi, my name is Daniel! I am a first-gen American software developer (Mexican and Panamanian roots) 🏅I am a graduate of a bachelor’s program in December 2022. Prior to pursuing a career in software development, I worked as a construction estimator, where I gained valuable experience in project management, change orders, and development methodologies. Recognized for my strong interpersonal skills and passion for technology, I have now transitioned into the software development field to build the next generation of software solutions. 📍Based in Alexandria, VA, I am focused on leveraging my construction industry background to develop innovative software solutions. With a solid foundation in project management, I bring a unique perspective to cross-functional business and technical teams. 🔑Key Skills: I am determined to apply my skills in Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Spring Boot, IntelliJ, Unit Testing (JUnit), Vue.js, E/R diagrams, Responsive Design, Integration Testing, Git, Visual Studio, as well as PlanSwift and OnScreen Takeoff, to deliver results. 💻Colleagues would describe me as a solution-focused, driven, strategic, and Agile collaborator who can be relied on to offer superior application development and project management expertise. I thrive on challenges and am eager to contribute my construction industry insights to the software development realm. 📫 Let’s Connect!

Ideal Workplace Values

I enjoy working collaboratively in teams where creative solutions are valued. I also value working in places where growth opportunities exist


Lee, Virginia, US

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Career Interests

Computer Science and IT

Skills & Strengths

Neuroexceptional Talents

I often find patterns in things where others might take them on the surface level.

Creative ThinkerFact RetainerOut of the Box Problem SolverHyperfocus

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Inclusion Essentials

Certifications & Training

Java Full-Stack Development Bootcamp

Tech Elevator
Issued 2023 | No Expiration Date