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Dominic Robinson


About Me


I have a long list of rotating passions and special interests, including fishing, hiking, modeling, and playing video games. Professional development is something I have worked towards for many years, and as far back as high school I was setting myself up for success in the professional world. I wrote my first business plan as a senior in high school for the DECA business competition, where I led my team to top placement at the regional and state competitions before competing internationally. As a college freshman, I wrote a new business plan for the DECA competition in under two weeks, winning third place and again qualifying for the internationals. As a sophomore, I founded a company, did all the legwork that goes with it, and competed for $30,000 in seed funding from the university. During collegiate Model UN I was voted Best Delegate three times, was nominated Best Delegate at the international competition in Toronto, and impressed those around me for my public speaking abilities and propensity for quickly researching and understanding a topic. I want to bring my passion, intelligence, creativity, and problem-solving abilities that awarded these laurels into the professional world.

Ideal Workplace Values

Ideally an environmentally-conscious workplace focused on the future, one which values its employees and their contributions.


Genoa, Michigan, US

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Sales and MarketingLeadership & Management

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Neuroexceptional Talents

I am detail-oriented and highly creative, which makes me a natural problem-solver. I am especially skilled at identifying and developing systems to organize or optimize spaces/processes for efficiency. Additionally, I am always thinking of new and exciting ideas, connecting seemingly unrelated bits of information that I have been exposed to and utilizing them to solve some problem or come up with a creative concept. Conceptualizing, ideation, and theory are all areas in which I excel. I've also been told my enthusiasm for things can be infectious, enabling me to inspire a team. I can sit down and hyperfocus on a task for hours, holding my work to the highest standard and continually searching for ways to improve it. I have learned not to let perfect be the enemy of good, and so I have trained myself to avoid being distracted by the need to perfect my work when facing time constraints.

Creative ThinkerDeep EmpathizerDetail-oriented ThinkerFact Retainer

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