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Dustin Bryant

About Me

As a data scientist with expertise in machine learning and formal verification of deep learning models, I am passionate about leveraging data-driven solutions to solve complex problems. With extensive experience in designing and implementing machine learning models, I bring a deep understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of data science. In addition, my expertise in formal verification of deep learning models enables me to ensure the safety and correctness of machine learning models, providing a crucial layer of assurance in critical applications. My strong problem-solving skills and ability to communicate complex technical concepts to diverse audiences make me a valuable asset to any team. I am dedicated to continuous learning and professional development, staying up-to-date with the latest advances in data science and machine learning. I am excited to contribute my skills and expertise to drive innovation and success in your organization.

Ideal Workplace Values

I enjoy environments that allow independent work but that also have mentors as needed. I especially value organizations that encourage continued education.


Houston, Texas, US

Open To

Full Time JobFull Time InternshipPart Time JobPart Time Internship

Work Settings


Career Interests

Data-Related WorkInformation Technology & CybersecurityScience & Mathematics

Skills & Strengths

Neuroexceptional Talents

I can hyper-focus and work for long periods of time when I am in a flow-state.

Creative ThinkerDetail-oriented ThinkerStrong Emotional IntelligenceHyperfocus

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Inclusion Essentials


Interviewer Experienced with NeurodiversityQuiet / Individual Workspaces


Written ChecklistsJob Coaching

Certifications & Training


Issued 2021 | Expires 2023