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Employer ProfileHarman

Stamford, CT

Company Description:

HARMAN is a global leader in connected car technology, lifestyle audio innovations, professional audio and lighting solutions, and digital transformation.

Company Insights:

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Why Are We Interested In Neuroinclusive Hiring?

At HARMAN, diversity is a reality for us - including neurodiversity. We are committed to making every employee feel welcomed, valued and empowered. Our workforce reflects the diversity of the world in which we operate. People from every walk of life and with every perspective choose to work with us. We believe that diversity spurs innovative thinking. Our globally diverse culture embraces and supports the uniqueness of everyone. We strive for this support to foster a deep sense of belonging that allows our employees to contribute in a meaningful way, freeing them to do their best work, and that’s when true innovation happens.

What Makes Our Company Neurodiverse Friendly?

Individual Development

  • We have a structured, neurodiverse-friendly onboarding process
  • We offer mentorship programs with other colleagues at the company

Organizational Development

  • Managers are given training on factors that enable neurodivergent success
  • Company-wide DEI training focused on inclusive leadership skills

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Hiring Steps

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    Interview with Hiring Manager (Technical & Behavioral)

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