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Employer ProfileGreat Degrees Inc.

Facilities Services
Palatine, IL

Company Description:

Process oriented heating, ventilation, and air conditioning company involved in engineered sales, service, maintenance, installation, and system design solutions.

Company Insights:

1 - 50
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Why Are We Interested In Neuroinclusive Hiring?

We feel there is a good fit integrating a highly functioning neurodivergent person with our existing team and processes.

What Makes Our Company Neurodiverse Friendly?

Individual Development

  • We offer mentorship programs with other neurodivergents at the company
  • We provide employees with job coaches
  • We have structured, inclusive performance review sessions to provide frequent feedback to employees

Organizational Development

  • Managers are given training on factors that enable neurodivergent success
  • Employees are given training to ensure an inclusive team environment

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