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Logistics & Supply Chain
Seattle, WA

Company Description:

No resume, interview, or experience necessary! has hourly jobs for everyone. Join one of the many teams that are the dedicated workforce bringing smiles to our customers every day – an Amazon Associate. Choose from a variety of roles, most with shifts and schedules that work with your life, so find the one that’s right for you and begin your Amazon journey today.

Company Insights:

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Why Are We Interested In Neuroinclusive Hiring?

Supporting neuroinclusive hiring and helping people find employment is part of Amazon's commitment to increase diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Amazon employs people with disabilities across its entire business, from roles focused on the accessibility features of products to positions not related to accessibility, including engineering, design, product management, operations, and senior management roles. Leaders work every day to create a safer, more productive, higher-performing, more diverse, and more just work environment. They lead with empathy, have fun at work, and make it easy for others to have fun. Leaders ask themselves: "Are my fellow employees growing? Are they empowered? Are they ready for what’s next?" Leaders have a vision for and commitment to their employees’ personal success, whether that’s at Amazon or elsewhere. Amazon earned a “Best Places to Work for Disability Inclusion” designation for the fifth year in a row after getting a perfect score on the Disability Equality Index.

What Makes Our Company Neurodiverse Friendly?

Individual Development

  • We provide employees with job coaches
  • We allow employees to bring their job coach in for support
  • We have a structured, neurodiverse-friendly onboarding process
  • We have structured, inclusive performance review sessions to provide frequent feedback to employees
  • We offer mentorship programs with other neurodivergents at the company

Organizational Development

  • Managers are given training on factors that enable neurodivergent success
  • Recruiters are given training to fairly evaluate neurodivergent talent
  • Employees are given training to ensure an inclusive team environment
  • We rally employees together through Employee Resource Groups to foster a sense of community

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Hiring Steps

  1. 01

    Job Application: Our online application consists of providing some information about yourself, and selecting your preferred shift. This usually takes about fifteen minutes to complete.

  2. 02

    Attend New Hire Events: After completing your Virtual Job Preview, you will attend an in-person 30-minute New Hire Event appointment. When you go to this appointment, bring: proof of your identity and employment eligibility. You don’t get paid to go to a New Hire Event — it is part of the application process. Tip: Be sure to bring the proper I-9 identification.

  3. 03

    Your First Day!: You will receive an email with schedule details. When you arrive to your first day at Amazon, you will dive deeper into the details of your work and learn important safety rules to keep you and your teammates safe. Tip: Wear the proper attire: close-toed shoes, no jackets or hoodies with drawstrings, no long necklaces, no hoop earrings, and have long hair pinned up or in a ponytail. Welcome to the Amazon team! We're happy to have you.


Communication Needs

Tactile Symbol Communicator (Braille)Sign Language Interpreter

Assistive Technology

Speech to Text TechnologyScreen Reader Technology

Interview Accomodations

Allowance of Fidgeting DevicesExtra time

Executive Functioning

Email / Calendar OrganizationTask Management

Processing Speeds

Written InstructionsRecorded Tasks & Messages

Scheduling Needs

Flexible scheduleExtra Time Off For Appointments

Physical Needs

Accessible BuildingStanding Desks

Support Ecosystem

CounselingJob Coaching
Women in a warehouse evniroment holds hand scanner
Man in a warehouse evniroment uses American Sign Language during interview
Women smiles from her work desk in a warehouse enviroment