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Employer ProfileBlue Tree Data Consulting

Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Tulsa, OK

Company Description:

We help nonprofits with data and technology. Specifically, we do a lot of nonprofit reporting -- data documentation and cleanup, ETL, workflow design, and dashboards. We use tech stacks that include Tableau Prep, PowerBI/Dataflows/DAX, Qlik, and a variety of no-code automation and data tools.

Company Insights:

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Why Are We Interested In Neuroinclusive Hiring?

Our entire team is neurodivergent and we believe in the power of neuroexceptional minds to solve challenging problems. We believe that our team is able to perform better because of our neurodivergence, not despite it, and are looking to expand our team and continue to deliver exceptional value to the mission-driven clients we serve. We thrive off of transformation in our clients - being able to see them change, improve, and grow is rewarding to our teams - and we want to empower all of our clients to find hope and delight in data driven insights. We're looking for individuals who are passionate about using the power of data to create a positive impact in the world!

What Makes Our Company Neurodiverse Friendly?

Individual Development

  • We offer mentorship programs with other neurodivergents at the company
  • We empower all of our employees/contractors to learn entrepreneurial skills
  • We provide opportunities for honing data skills in a real-world context
  • We are supportive of employees/contractors bringing your own job coach

Organizational Development

  • Managers are given training on factors that enable neurodivergent success
  • Employees are given training to ensure an inclusive team environment
  • Our entire team is neurodivergent and we consider that a core driver of our success

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Hiring Steps

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    Introductory Conversation

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    Executive Functioning Assessment

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    Engagement Scoping Conversation


Communication Needs

Camera OffInterview Scheduling Reminders

Assistive Technology

Alternative Keyboard1 on 1 Communication

Interview Accomodations

Send Questions in AdvanceInterviewer Experienced with Neurodiversity

Executive Functioning

Email / Calendar OrganizationTask Management

Processing Speeds

Recorded Tasks & Messages

Scheduling Needs

Flexible scheduleExtra Time Off For Appointments

Physical Needs

Noise-cancelling Headphones

Support Ecosystem

Job Coaching