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Company Description:

Our company allows individuals to build a business inside the Globe Life parent company by hiring more people. Interested candidates will have to attain their license but are then self-employed and can hire more agents, which creates a management position for themselves. It is a unique opportunity allowing ND people to work from home. It also suits typical characteristics of NDs, such as integrity, empathy, and problem-solving to help families. I am a recently self-diagnosed ND and feel this opportunity would fit many ND people. I just talked with the Chairman of AO, and he believes the person who has broken all the sales records is likely an ND person once he heard me explain some of the ND characteristics.

Company Insights:

5,001 - 10,000
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Why Are We Interested In Neuroinclusive Hiring?

The crucial characteristics sought in life insurance salespeople are integrity, empathy, the desire to help people solve problems, and the ability to find unique solutions to all different situations. The typical traits of ND people are high empathy and integrity and the ability to see solutions others cannot. This particular agency's work is 100% from home, which suits most ND people because they can control their environment and can work independently without supervision. The natural traits of ND people are the sought traits for life insurance salespeople. We are perfect matches.

What Makes Our Company Neurodiverse Friendly?

Individual Development

  • We provide employees with job coaches
  • We have structured, inclusive performance review sessions to provide frequent feedback to employees
  • We offer mentorship programs with other neurodivergents at the company
  • We have a very intense training that every individual takes to start. Every person is assigned a mentor who will help individualize the training and offer support.
  • We have two Master Sales weekly.

Organizational Development

  • First, you will be self-employed and after training will work mainly by yourself.
  • Second, our company does not currently have any special training for other agents because everybody is self-employed.
  • Third, the chairman of this agency told me he is very interested in pursuing the hiring of ND people because he knows his number one salesperson who has been breaking records is ND.
  • Fourth, he indicated a willingness to create a special training program for ND individuals.
  • Fifth, I am confident that as more ND individuals come on board, he will ensure other agents are informed of how to help ND people succeed.

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