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Jude Lynch

About Me

I am completing my freshman year at University of Delaware. I am friendly, hard working, punctual and have a lot of integrity. I am hoping for a PT job for the summer.

Ideal Workplace Values

As long as the people at the workplace are understanding of my longer processing time and need for explicit directions, I don't anticipate any issues with employment. I've worked in a few places and I'm considered reliable and dependable. Sometimes I get a bit "stuck" walking because of my OCD but I just need a few seconds to work through it and move on quickly.

Open To

Part Time Job

Work Settings


Career Interests

Outdoor or Physical WorkData-Related WorkSupply Chain & Manufacturing

Skills & Strengths

Neuroexceptional Talents

I have a very good memory for numbers and dates. I am a Geography major because I have a strong interest in maps and the environment.

Athletic PerformerFact RetainerGeo-spatial ThinkerVisual Memorizer

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Inclusion Essentials


1 on 1 CommunicationSend Questions in AdvanceInterviewer Experienced with NeurodiversityExtra timeEmail / Calendar OrganizationDaily RemindersConcise instructionsWritten ChecklistsReceiving Information in AdvanceWritten InstructionsExtra Time to Process New InformationJob Coaching