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Katie Roberts

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I can thrive in a company that allows me to work remotely, and aims to make a positive impact in people's lives. Since I am passionate about disability advocacy and supporting women in STEM, I hope that any organization I work at has efforts to support these populations.


Olmsted Falls, Olmsted, Ohio, US

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Full Time InternshipFull Time JobFreelance/Contract WorkPart Time Job

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Art & DesignResearchComputer Science and IT

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Neuroexceptional Talents

When I arrived as a freshman on campus at Purdue, I was unsure of where my life was going to lead me as a person on the Autism Spectrum - I did know one thing however - I wanted to make a change in the Neurodivergent community through working with Assistive Technologies. I majored in Computer Engineering in hopes this would lead me towards my goals. My decision to minor in Critical Disability Studies began with taking classes in the EPICS program (Assistive Technology sub team), where I was able to use my equestrian knowledge to help assist with a redesign of a mechanical hippotherapy device. The following year I went on to join the All for Autism club on campus to help spread Autism awareness and acceptance at Purdue, holding offices of Fundraising chair, Neurodiversity Chair and President throughout my time there, becoming an advocate for others in the Autism community. Since Assistive Technology can help so many different people, I also felt a need to expand my knowledge of broader disabilities and neurodiversity, rather than my singular autistic experience. That is when I found the Critical Disability Studies Minor. The concepts I learned in the introductory course were inspiring to me, and opened my eyes to a world of inclusion and acceptance that I wanted to be a part of. I learned I could advocate for the Disabled to be unapologetically themselves and be more independent through the use of assistive technology. Looking for more opportunities to learn about assistive technology, I found a campus job as a Assistive Technology Lab Assistant, helping students in need to install and familiarize themselves with assistive software. At the same time, I excitedly continued my courses for my minor, writing a research paper in Professor Duerstock’s Grand Challenges in Accessibility class, which was later published in the Purdue online Library. I further enjoyed working during the summer at the Duerstock Institute for Accessible Science Lab, creating a website showcasing their latest project. After completing my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering this past fall, I hope to use the knowledge I have acquired to make an impact in my career and bring disability inclusion to the forefront of the engineering industry.

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