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Lauren Tucker


About Me

I am a young adult that plans to return to university one day in time. During my time in college (and even before), I volunteered several times. And while I didn't stick to one particular area for long, it was always something to help out other people. I have also taken the time out of my day to write for the Writers of the Future contest. I assure you that's only because I haven't written for others in years. That and I'm finding it's easy to be scammed just looking for writing jobs. Of course, I haven't given up. I've just become more selective so, it doesn't happen a third time. One last thing (for now, at least), I actually got the oppurtunity to work as a pollworker last year. It was a great way to test out the fast reflexes I developed playing with strangers to good use. Aside from a couple of unruly people, it was a really fun. That's why I want to learn how to separate the scammers from actual employers so, I can experience this again.

Ideal Workplace Values

I should be able to put in a complaint or advice without reprimand because while I do have things to work on, I ultimately want success for everyone.


Tallahassee, Florida, US

Open To

Full Time JobPart Time JobFreelance/Contract Work

Work Settings


Career Interests

Administrative WorkData-Related WorkWriting & Language Services

Skills & Strengths

Neuroexceptional Talents

I admittedly can be overly honest at times since I don't always think. I also have a strong sense of justice because I was bullied relentlessly until high school. I'm still working on extending to this myself after realisizing that some people figuring that I would just come back.

Creative ThinkerDeep EmpathizerDetail-oriented ThinkerHyperfocus

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Inclusion Essentials


1 on 1 CommunicationZoom AlternativeFlexible schedule


Send Questions in AdvanceWritten interview instructionsChunking Large Amounts of ContentJob CoachingSupport Group for StressTherapyEmployee Resource Group

Sensory Sensitivities

Driving a vehicle
Working with food
Heavy lifting
Loud noises
Outdoors or places with strong smells
Variable temperatures