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Lindsey Franks

About Me

Problem solver with strong listening, speaking, and written skills who understands what customers need and presents solutions in clear, concise language. Versatile and detail-oriented library professional committed to fostering students' critical thinking and research skills through information literacy instruction.

Ideal Workplace Values

I am dedicated to fostering welcoming and inviting atmosphere, and am passionate about diversity and inclusion. I seek a workplace that matches my energy and flexibility. I am particularly interested in hybrid and remote opportunities.


Chicago, Illinois, US

Open to Relocation

Open To

Full Time JobPart Time JobFreelance/Contract Work

Work Settings


Career Interests

Administrative WorkService RolesData-Related Work

Skills & Strengths

Neuroexceptional Talents

I have a strong eye for detail, certain things just seem to pop out, especially on paper. I am a lateral thinker, and I love finding (and closing) loopholes. I am great at remembering both big picture ideas and small details, and I love following rules. I am great at following written instructions, such as manuals, and explaining them to others. I am adept at customer service situations and at learning new technologies quickly. I can be very flexible, and am known as a team player.

Creative ThinkerDeep EmpathizerDetail-oriented ThinkerFact Retainer

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Inclusion Essentials


extra time off for appointments


Ergonomic keyboardCommunication PlanWritten ChecklistsWritten InstructionsFlexible scheduleErgonomic SeatingEmployee Resource Group

Sensory Sensitivities

Heavy lifting
Standing for long periods