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Logan Darklock


About Me

I love computers and everything technology related, but I can't ever do one thing for too long, or sometimes more than once, because my ADHD is really really severe. I also have Dissociative Identity Disorder so there are multiple people in my head, but all of them should be capable of handling work appropriately (or getting someone who can). I don't identify as human and prefer to just be called a person or creature instead. I tend to be really good at figuring out computers and making steps toward a goal independently, but sometimes my goals have to change suddenly because I can randomly just lose the ability to make progress towards those specific goals (thanks ADHD). That's how I lost my last job :( I had to drop out of high school in the 10th grade due to ADHD and haven't been able to get myself to study for a GED yet

Open To

Part Time JobCo-opFreelance/Contract Work

Work Settings


Career Interests

Art & DesignComputer Science and IT

Skills & Strengths

Neuroexceptional Talents

I think a lot, constantly, about everything. Every little detail of what I do. I still need to figure out when to ignore particular details, but generally I care a lot about the quality of my work

Detail-oriented ThinkerFact RetainerHyperfocusMathematical Calculation

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Inclusion Essentials


Instant MessagingNo phone callsBurn Out SupportCamera OffJetBrains IDEsAdmin access to computerWritten InstructionsFlexible scheduleextra time off for appointmentsPeriodic Rest Breaks100% Work from home


Interviewer Experienced with NeurodiversityWritten Checklistsshorter meetingsSupport with Self-Advocacy

Sensory Sensitivities

Standing for long periods
Variable temperatures