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Mai Amit

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Thornhill, Ontario, CA

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Full Time InternshipFreelance/Contract WorkFull Time JobCo-opPart Time Job

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Art & DesignOutdoor or Physical WorkEntertainment or Performance ArtsResearch

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Neuroexceptional Talents

I believe a primary advantage that my neurodiversity has given me is an excellent ability to communicate by articulating myself clearly and by being a patient and active listener. Growing up neurodivergent, I often felt misunderstood - and I was! I am now grateful for these misunderstandings as they motivated me to first, understand myself clearly, and then to learn how to effectively communicate so that I am "speaking the same language" as whoever I engage with. Further, I developed a strong ability to take the perspectives of others through empathetic thought and communication. As well, I have always been one to think differently than those around me - I am creative and innovative with my ideas. My neurodiversity promotes my curiosity so that instead of just getting things done, I first discover “why”, which prompts a much more effective “how.” I am imaginative and idealistic in my ideas, but I am always able to execute them realistically. Another aspect of my neurodiversity that has come up throughout my life is my ability to make connections. As an extension of this, I always notice small details. In thinking these ways, I have always been able to problem solve and think outside the box!

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Driving a vehicle