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Matt Centrella

About Me

I am an aspiring accountant enrolled in Rampo College's 4+1 B.S. TO MSAC. Upon graduation, I will have completed 150 credits and obtain a B.S. Accounting ( 2024) and M.S. in Accounting, 2025. I have an extrodinary memory and high mathematical aptitude with the ability to quickly make mental computations. I am process driven, coachable, hardworking and dependable. I recently enjoyed interning as an auditor at a small accounting firm, and I am focused on gaining more experience and mentorship as I pursue my career path in accounting. I like working independently on projects. I am very passionate about sports and like to fish frequently in my free time. I'm looking foward to contributing to the goals and success of a firm.

Ideal Workplace Values

The ideal workplace would help me develop and improve upon my social skills and interactions with others. Ideally, it would be an environment and culture of inclusiveness, structured, and acceptance of some of my limitations.

Open To

Part Time InternshipPart Time JobCo-opFull Time Internship

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Career Interests

Business & FinancialData-Related Work

Skills & Strengths

Neuroexceptional Talents

I am very process driven and coachable. I have a very good memory , strong in mathematics with the ability to quickly make mental mathematical computations.

Detail-oriented ThinkerFact RetainerVisual MemorizerMathematical Calculation

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