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Matthew Marone

About Me

#autistic#3d modeler#3d art

im a self thought 3d modeler. i have a great desire to make a impact on the world even if its small. im determined to leave a lasting impact with my work and have a great desire to improve and grow over time.

Ideal Workplace Values

i enjoy laid back environments where i can communicate and bounce ideas off coworkers. having a environment that feels like im working with others helps greatly.


Shiloh, Virginia, US

Open To

Full Time Job

Work Settings


Skills & Strengths

Neuroexceptional Talents

i have a strong desire to work problems out and focus on the best way to fix things. i'm good with my hands and learn very quickly when repeating a task. i'm good with talking to people on a interpersonal level and can solve problems within a timely manor. i enjoy putting puzzles together and figuring things out. i'm good with working on computers and 3d modeling using my imagination to create viable models for assets to be used in a 3d environment. i can hyper focus on tasks that i can engage in.

Creative ThinkerDeep EmpathizerDetail-oriented ThinkerGeo-spatial Thinker

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Inclusion Essentials


Speech to Text Technology 1 on 1 CommunicationEmail Writing HelpWritten ChecklistsJob Coaching


LetterboardInterview Scheduling RemindersColored Paper for InstructionsSend Questions in AdvanceAllowance of Fidgeting DevicesSupport PersonEmail / Calendar Organizationtask managementdaily check-insDaily RemindersCommunication PlanConcise instructionsReceiving Information in AdvanceWritten InstructionsRecorded Tasks & MessagesFlexible schedulePeriodic Rest BreaksNoise-cancelling HeadphonesQuiet / Individual WorkspacesSelf-stimulation tools / gadgetCounselingSupport Group for StressTherapySupport with Self-Advocacy

Sensory Sensitivities

Loud noises