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Matthew Waterman

About Me

Ideal Workplace Values

I think that I personally thrive in environments where everyone has a constant desire to learn and grow as people on a daily basis. I like to think that I am someone who works well in teams and I think that having a workplace where everyone is willing to work with one another is one that I would want to be a part of. Additionally, I would like to work for a company that has a focus on giving back to its community and making a positive impact on the people close to them.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US

Open To

Full Time InternshipFreelance/Contract WorkFull Time JobPart Time Job

Work Settings


Career Interests

Outdoor or Physical WorkBusiness and FinancialData-Related WorkHuman Resources & Recruiting

Skills & Strengths

Neuroexceptional Talents

In my time at Marquette, I found a particular interest with supply chain, more so than with any of my other business classes. I had a great teacher for the introductory class and after talking with my father, he told me that supply chain is a great field to get into, so I decided to pursue it further in my college career.

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