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Meghan Powell

About Me


An illustrious background in corporate sales melded with the dynamic world of improvisational comedy, gives rise to my unique skill set. Through roles from established corporations to startup tech arenas, including Touchcast, I've facilitated and empowered a diverse range of professionals, medical students, and organizations to elevate their communication, teamwork, and leadership. At Next College Student Athlete, I harness my own college athletic recruiting journey to guide families through theirs. Here, I soared in sales and laid the cornerstone by developing and teaching the Career Development Program. My evenings, however, told a different tale—a deep dive studying improvisation at the world–renowned schools of The Second City Conservatory, iO Theater, and The Annoyance Theater, unveiling profound parallels between improv and business. These invaluable insights fueled my passion, leading to the creation of Improv Boss and the development of workshops that have served giants like ABB, Uber Eats, and Feldco. What truly sets me apart? It's the synthesis of my experiences. I believe in the power of collaboration, possess a curiosity growth mindset, and am driven by client-focused solutions with a passion for innovation. Whether charting territories in customer success, steering account management, or leading as an account executive, my distinctive blend of sales acumen and improvisation equips me to thrive, adapt, and excel.

Ideal Workplace Values

An ideal workplace that values each member of its team's growth, commitment to learning, transparency, and inclusivity. I enjoy structured teams with open lines of communication that allow for flexibility, autonomy, and creativity.


Chicago, Illinois, US

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Human Resources & RecruitingSales & MarketingEducation & Instruction

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Neuroexceptional Talents

Throughout the years, I have capitalized on the fantastic way my brain is wired. Having Dyslexia is like having a palette of vibrant colors that not everyone gets to paint with. My Dyslexia has endowed me with deep empathy. Starting in my early education, I began developing my emotional intelligence, which guided me and has grown into a sharpened skillset that being neurodivergent has gifted me. It's not just about understanding; it's about genuinely feeling what another person experiences. With my problem-solving skills, I've learned to tackle problems from unexpected angles, almost as if feeling the texture of puzzle pieces, visualizing a possible scene, or spotting subtle color variations that others overlook. This ability to think uniquely has often been my secret weapon. My ability to see the big picture motivates my collaboration within a team. Having a holistic view, I know the sum is greater than its parts. In all, Dyslexia hasn't just been a challenge. Every challenge I faced has reinforced my resilience and determination. It's my unique lens, painting my world in richer hues, showing me solutions where others see dead-ends. The strength lies in the teamwork of diverse thinkers. That is where growth thrives.

Creative ThinkerDeep EmpathizerHyperfocusStrong Emotional Intelligence

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GrammerlySpeech to Text Technologytask managementUninterrupted Work TimeQuiet / Individual Workspaces

Certifications & Training

Customer Success Management Fundamentals

Issued 2023 | No Expiration Date

Onboarding and Adoption Best Practices for Customer Success Management

Issued 2023 | No Expiration Date


Annoyance Theater
Issued 2019 | No Expiration Date

Conservatory Program - Improvisation

The Second City Training Center
Issued 2016 | Expires 2016

Improvisational Comedy, Group Mind, Improvisational Comedy Field Of Study Improvisational Comedy, Thinking on your feet, Group Mind, Collaboration

IO Theater - Improv Olympics
Issued 2016 | Expires 2016