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About Me

Ideal Workplace Values

I love optimism and gain the greatest value in the workplace by being in an environment in which care is a top characteristic of the culture within the company. Working as a team as well because I have always been told "I make everyone happy" is a great way to bring out the best in me.


Spring Hill, Tennessee, US

Open To

Freelance/Contract WorkFull Time JobPart Time Job

Work Settings


Career Interests

Service RolesEntertainment or Performance ArtsPsychology, Counseling & Mental Health

Skills & Strengths

Neuroexceptional Talents

I really do love interacting with people and leveraging my experience as a performer while engaging in customer service. I believe that engaging with customers and supporting others through advocacy are where I touch the most lives.

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Inclusion Essentials

Sensory Sensitivities

Working with food
Interaction with the public
Bright, blinking, or fluorescent lights
Loud noises
Outdoors or places with strong smells
Uniforms (hard hat, hair net, etc.)