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Mitchel Brandley


About Me


I'm an experienced Technical Operations Manager with a passion for leading cross-functional teams to efficiently implement and support digital SaaS products. I'm skilled in developing and executing mission-driven strategies that result in improved product performance and increased revenue. I have a proven track record of managing teams of up to 10 people, optimizing workflows, and driving process improvements. Adept at collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to achieve shared goals. Looking to leverage my skills and experience to drive innovation and growth in a dynamic organization.

Ideal Workplace Values

Environmentally friendly, team collaboration, transparency, non-traditional


Charlotte, North Carolina, US

Open To

Full Time JobFull Time InternshipFreelance/Contract Work

Work Settings


Career Interests

Art & DesignWellness & FitnessLeadership & Management

Skills & Strengths

Neuroexceptional Talents

I have a keen eye for detail and am able to pick up on small nuances that others may miss. I experience periods of hyper focus, in which I become completely absorbed in a task or activity. I have a unique perspective on the world that allows me to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to problems.

Creative ThinkerDeep EmpathizerDetail-oriented ThinkerFact Retainer

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Inclusion Essentials

Certifications & Training

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

Issued 2022 | Expires 2027

Powerhouse - World's Top High-performance Organizations training

Brian MacNeice - Teneo
Issued 2021 | No Expiration Date

The Predictive Index - Inspire People to Perform

The Predictive Index
Issued 2021 | No Expiration Date

Graphic Design Certificate

Shillington Education
Issued 2016 | No Expiration Date