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Trinity Watson

About Me

#LGBTQ #Trans#ADHDer#ActuallyAutistic

As an individual who is passionate about making people's lives easier and happier, I am constantly seeking ways to bring a positive impact to those around me. Whether it's through my work, volunteer activities or personal interactions, I always aim to leave people feeling better than they did before they met me. I thrive in roles where I can help others and fill gaps that need to be filled. I am highly adaptable and can quickly adjust to changing circumstances, which has helped me excel in a variety of situations.

Ideal Workplace Values

As someone who values structure and clarity in their work, my ideal workplace would prioritize providing clear instructions and a well-defined framework for tasks and also fosters a sense of trust and accountability within the team. Additionally, I place a high value on inclusivity and a commitment to employee growth. I believe that a workplace that celebrates diversity and creates opportunities for learning and development is essential for cultivating a positive and productive work environment. I am eager to work for a company that invests in its employees and provides the necessary resources and support for them to reach their full potential.


Bellevue, Washington, US

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Full Time JobPart Time JobCo-op

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Career Interests

Service RolesData-Related Work

Skills & Strengths

Neuroexceptional Talents

I like working with people, and love leaving customers with a smile. I also enjoy completing repetitive tasks with accuracy as I can focus on the task without getting distracted, especially when working with numbers.

Creative ThinkerDeep EmpathizerStrong Emotional IntelligenceHyperfocus

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