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vanessa rumaz


About Me

THE ONLY CONSTANT IS CHANGE. Born and raised in Italy in the art-rich region of Veneto, in a medieval town at the foothills of the Dolomites, in an artistic family, mine was a destiny hard to escape. As a child, I did my best to rebel against my pre-determined fate by carefully studying the daily activities of the gas station owner across the street. I soon came to the firm conviction that my destiny was not in any creative endeavors but instead in the trade of combustibles. Following a few attempts to run away from home with my belongings packed in a handkerchief hung at the end of a wooden stick and following a few accidents involving burying the family jewelry in an undisclosed location, at the tender age of three, I gifted myself the unique opportunity of painting the family’s kitchen walls in a Kandinsky pre-war style. The experience was instrumental in testing my mother's patience and in developing my aesthetic sense, which ultimately saved me from a life of inhaling gasoline fumes. What followed next is a true passion for connecting unlikely dots others often don’t see, fueled by the curiosity to know the outcome. I always felt my higher calling is connecting humans and witnessing beauty and potentialities take new forms. I see art and design and intoxicating beauty everywhere: in the food I cook, in the flowers I arrange, in the clothes I choose to wear, in the paint peeling off a wall. The search for inspiration and design patterns has taken shape in my art and in a photography journal called Unexpected Beauty. I firmly believe we need to walk on this Earth with wit, compassion, good manners, love and respect, and the ability to enjoy the little things, leaving the noise in the background. If we meet, expect laughs and humor.

Ideal Workplace Values

I'd love an environment where I can contribute to growth by offering my ideas and insight and where my knowledge and expertise are valued. And humor must be appreciated, as well as having fun and taking pride in what I do and create.


Carrboro, North Carolina, US

Open To

Freelance/Contract WorkFull Time JobPart Time Job

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Career Interests

Event PlanningstagingArt & CreativeSales & Marketing

Skills & Strengths

Neuroexceptional Talents

Attention to detail. I am interested in various unrelated fields, making me connect what seems like unmatchable dots at first sight. I thrive when I can brainstorm and imagine freely. I am a creative person, yet I value logic and usability in the process.

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Inclusion Essentials


Flexible schedule

Sensory Sensitivities

Bright, blinking, or fluorescent lights
Outdoors or places with strong smells
Variable temperatures