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Vickie Gray


About Me


I love finding needles in haystacks, and patterns in data, the more interesting and complex, the better. I have industry experience as a consultant and trainer, and am now returning to technical data analysis because my ADHD and autism diagnoses gave me insight into why I enjoy that work, and the courage to do what I love even late in life.

Ideal Workplace Values

My ideal workplace is psychologically safe, inclusive, and honest. It recognizes that everyone has an ideal way of working, and gives people a chance to prove they are capable.


Wileville, Nova Scotia, CA

Open To

Freelance/Contract WorkFull Time Job

Work Settings


Career Interests

Data-Related WorkResearchInformation Technology & Cybersecurity

Skills & Strengths

Neuroexceptional Talents

Synthesis of ideas; Generation of emergent ideas; Pattern recognition; Learning new things quickly.

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Inclusion Essentials


Send Questions in AdvanceFrequent Interview BreaksInterviewer Experienced with NeurodiversityAlternate Interview FormatWritten interview instructionsReceiving Information in AdvanceWritten InstructionsRecorded Tasks & Messagesshorter meetingsUninterrupted Work TimeErgonomic SeatingNoise-cancelling HeadphonesQuiet / Individual WorkspacesSupport with Self-Advocacy

Sensory Sensitivities

Driving a vehicle
Working with food
Interaction with the public
Heavy lifting
Bright, blinking, or fluorescent lights
Loud noises
Outdoors or places with strong smells
Standing for long periods
Variable temperatures
Uniforms (hard hat, hair net, etc.)